“Side Effects”– New album by Jason Didner

I was so excited for Jason when he reached out to share that his upcoming album titled “Side Effects” would soon be released on February 3, 2023.

The last year has been one where I’ve had the opportunity to focus on building space for expression and creativity. Supporting others who are doing the same is something that fills me with joy. Creativity is a form of love in action and when we are committed to it, there is so much learning and growth that takes us to the next stage of our creative process. There’s something really important about honoring that process in others.

Much like Jason’s last album, themes of connection, learning, growth, and love permeate the lyrics and melodies. The listener hears stories unfold that are marked by difficulty yet faced with resilience, love and humor. (I always enjoy sensing Jason’s optimistic humor as a listener). There’s so much joy in his music despite the difficult experiences that inspired some of the songs. As I listened, I noticed something a little more poignantly in this album… and maybe a little zen. As someone who has been practicing mediation for many years now, I could spot lyrics influenced by zen philosophy and I loved catching them!

Musically, the guitar and complexity in drumming beats (and the way they melded together beautifully) was so much fun to listen to! I especially enjoyed listening to “This heart was built to last,” laughed out loud at “Patient Portal” (I’m totally playing this the next time I see my neurologist), and wished I could play guitar while listening to “Molasses Blues.” I made a personal connection to the song “When the time came.” As someone who is now in my maintenance stage of living with anxiety and OCD (hooray!), the song encapsulated the new thinking patterns I worked so hard to incorporate into my life in order to work towards personal wellness.

If you’d like to learn more about Jason and his upcoming album, you can connect with him on Instagram at @jasondidner or at www.jasondidner.com

Happy listening,



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