Rock Songs to Heal the Mind: New Music by Jason Didner

For many people I know who live with a mental health diagnosis, music has been an essential part of their healing and recovery. Songs have the capacity to make us feel connected to others, less alone, heard, and understood. They can ignite joy on heavy days and inspire moments that bring us back to feeling grounded. This is especially true when the people behind the music write with the intention of bringing awareness to the many aspects of striving to be mentally healthy, mindful, and compassionate towards one’s self. Jason Didner is a rock-inspired singer/songwriter who is doing just that.

Those of us who are on this mental health journey will find themselves mirrored in Jason’s lyrics—reminders of the value of presence in the here and now, the steadying nature of those we love, the catastrophic thinking that distorts our thoughts, and much more. For those who are just beginning to understand the importance of mental health, Jason’s music will inspire a sense of curiosity to learn more about the many ways to construct a mentally healthy life.

I had the opportunity to get an early listen to Jason’s soon-to-be released album “Salt and Sand: Rock Songs to Heal the Mind” and was immediately drawn to the compassion and honesty of lyrical choice with which Jason (and fellow writers) discussed the topic and told stories through music. As someone who has been keeping a journal for most of my life, the song “A Different Kind of Zen” reminded me to “keep the truth flowing” (I actually listened to it while doing my daily gratitude journal). While I found a personal mirroring effect in all of the album’s songs, the last song. “A Moment of Loving Kindness” stood out the most to me. Metta meditations are my favorite types of meditations and Jason, who is accompanied by the lovely voice of Leslie Masuzzo, skillfully combine a soothing melody to lyrics that spread love towards self, others, and the world ……After I’m done writing this, I’m going to encourage Jason to put this song on Insight Timer 😉

If you’d like to learn more about Jason and his upcoming album, you can connect with him on Instagram at @jasondidner or at

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