Ebook – We become stories

photo-1573689705959-7786e029b31e.jpegI had to write things down because they needed to live outside of me. The heavy needed to be wrapped in words. The love needed to be expressed.

Healing, love, friendship, identity, childhood, hurt, resilience–our roots all mirror each other in these ways. The expressions of these themes are how we differ.

I share my own selected short stories and reflections with you here. Most stories are followed with a question to get you thinking about your own stories.

If you’re willing and also want to share, I’m here to listen.

With Love, V







Meditation Monday: Post #4

Meditation Teacher: Sarah Blondin

Time: 5:56

Title: Meditation for an open heart

About this Meditation: In this mediation, Sarah guides us in bringing awareness to our heart space. Our heart is home. It is part of a larger orchestra of guides that brings awareness to our values, beliefs, decisions, and thoughts. She is so intentional about the words she chooses in every mediation. Her words are poetry to me.

Why meditate? Just like we all have physical health, we all have mental health. Meditation helps us bring awareness to our values, thoughts, and actions and strengthens our capacity to live with greater clarity, ease, and intention. As a person living with depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder, meditating has allowed me to be aware of my body and thoughts so that I can take actions that make me feel better BEFORE things escalate. This has been the greatest gift I could give myself.

Where I meditate: You can find me meditating on the FREE Insight Timer App where you can find thousands of guided meditations, meditation music, talks, and live events.

Music for mental health series: Post #3

Artist: RY X

Title: YaYaYa

Genre: Ambient Pop, Indie Folk, Indie Rock

Favorite lyrics:

Come hold me down, I’ve gone too far
These heavy words, your open heart

Somebody, hold my head up

About this song: Connection is one of the greatest gifts you can give to someone who is struggling. RY X’s music is all about the connections we make with each other and within ourselves. The melodies and words completely transport you inward and the cinematography in his videos is simply stunning.

Speaking of connection, I’m so very grateful to one of my lovely Twitter friends for introducing me to this artist.

Find more music: Come find more songs on the Music for Mental Health Playlist! If you have suggestions for songs, please add them below or let me know on Twitter: @dailyocd or Instagram: vero.writes.things